Dodson Demolition Equipment


Normal excavators extrude 3-4 feet past the tracks. Likewise, when the machine turns, the tail swing hits whatever is in its path. This is a real problem when working in confined spaced like business areas and neighborhoods.

Dodson Demolition uses a specialty CAT 321 CLCR zero turn excavator. With a zero turn radius, the problem is eliminated, saving unwanted damage to the customer.

Stellar Hook Lift & Containers

Dodson Demolition utilizes 2 stellar hook lift trucks to haul debris to and from sites.

This helps Dodson to expedite cleanup, and alleviates large trucks from waiting outside work sites to pick up debris.

Skid Steers and Attachments

With the help of 4 skid steers and attachments, Dodson Demolition can clean up a site in a hurry.