Demolition Services

Residential Demolition

Homes that have outgrown there time and place are recycled and disposed of properly

Commercial Demolition

Regardless of size or proximity to surrounding buildings Dodson demolition has an outstanding reputation for completing jobs in a safe and timely manner.

Concrete Removal

At Dodson we strive to reduce the environment impact by recycling whenever the occasion arises, with the latest technology for fast and effective removal for the client.

Recycling Entire Houses

Homes that are feasible to salvage will be recycled by being moved and helping to save the environment.

Dodson demolition can handle any situation. Please call with details

1,700 sqft model home on slab, complete demo with small pile of debris after 8 hour day.
100' by 200 ' cinderblock building 2 feet away from neighbors tilt wall building total demo time on job 3 days to complete site cleanup ready for new construction.
Job completed by 10 am on second day for new construction to start.